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Annual Report 2010 – 2011

Friends of Marquez Finance Team (from 2010-2011)

We are very lucky to have a certified accountant volunteering as our Financial Officer. Our income primarily comes in as checks, cash, stock options, credit card and pay pal payments. Together with other parents who support the extensive banking process, we keep meticulous records for our own purposes and for reporting obligations as a registered 501 organisation.

Friends of Marquez 2010-2011 Financial Report

As another successful year at Marquez comes to a close, we are pleased to provide a financial report for Friends of Marquez.  With the on-going financial issues that challenge LAUSD and many Marquez families, we are tremendously grateful for the record-setting 82% participation rate in this year’s Circle of Giving campaign.  In aggregate, Friends of Marquez raised approximately $580,000, net of expenses, from the following sources:

We spent an unprecedented amount of funds on teacher salaries to retain Ms. Buckner, Ms. Hain and Ms. Abrams to permanently reduce class sizes, and Ms. Arevalo to teach science.  A summary of the uses of funds follows (Note: Some of these areas also received public funding; this report only includes FOM’s contributions.  PE & Library were funded entirely with public funds; without FOM’s contributions to Marquez’s budget, these funds would have been used in other, more critical areas.):

Based on the recent parent survey results, we are confident that Friends of Marquez is facilitating the goals of Marquez parents – keeping class sizes as low as possible; further lowering class sizes during language arts and math through our 1/2 class size reduction program (1/2 the class participates in an enrichment activity, leaving 1/2 the class with the teacher); providing much-needed aides in the classrooms (doubled to 3 hours/day for 1stGrade classes); and providing enrichment programs including Science, PE, Art, Music and Library.

Some respondents to the survey noted that they would like to have more clarity on how their contributions are spent.  If you would like more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us at