Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

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What is the READ-A-THON?

The READ-A-THON is an annual event at Marquez, aimed at both putting the spotlight on reading for fun, and as a fund raiser for Friends of Marquez.  Last year we raised $17,720.75 and the students of Marquez read 15,601 books!

How does it work?

Each book that a child reads, or has read to them, counts. For each book the student reads (or listens to), he/she writes it on their log. The book must be on the reading log for the book to be counted. 0-50 pages = 1 book, 50-100 pages = 2 books, 100-150 pages = 3 books, and so on.  For examples, a book that is 147 pages would count as 3 books.  Students can also collect pledges for the books that read. A suggested donation of $1 per book with a goal of each student finding 10 sponsors and reading 10 (or more) books—which is about $100 per student.

On Fridays, for each book read during the week, the students will color in their class Read-a-thon thermometer. Each class will have a reading thermometer, updated weekly.

Students will turn in their reading logs at the end of the read-a-thon, January 25, with their pledges for final tallies.  All pledges must be turned in by February 8.

All students who participate and turn in their reading log will receive a certificate. Students who read 10 books or more earn a medal.

The class that reads the most books per grade gets an ice cream party.

Book Drive: From January 25-February 8, we will be collecting new and used children’s books for all ages to donate to the organization Book Ends.


Forms to Download

  1. Pledge Form (.pdf)
  2. Readathon Calendar For Kids 2012-13 (.pdf)
  3. Reading Log (.pdf)
  4. What Is The Readathon? (.pdf)