Saturday, February 6th, 2016

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The Administration team at Marquez Charter School are a talented and welcoming group. Here is a list of photos and names of the familiar essential faces that make the school run smoothly.

Dr. Alberto Hananel – Principal (310) 454-4019

Dr H. comes to Marquez with over 20 years in education and over 16 years as a school administrator with a myriad of experience that includes traditional K-12, charter, and most recently international schools. He has been in Mexico City for the past three years as a Middle School Academic Dean at The American School Foundation, A.C. He began his teaching career with LAUSD in South Los Angeles teaching first and second grades in bilingual classrooms. He temporarily left LAUSD to become an administrator and now returns to the Los Angeles area with his wife, Eliane, and two sons, Ethan and Benjamin.

Irena Sugar
Irina Sugar – Assistant Principal

We are delighted to welcome Dr Sugar back to Marquez. She is responsible for Special Education and all it’s supporting services at the school.

Bernadette Westerberg, School Administrative Assistant
Bernadette Westerberg – School Administrative Assistant

Bernadette has been running the office for many years. A source of all knowledge, she can help you with all school questions. We are lucky to have her and the children respect and enjoy her company.

Kimberley Banks-Little, Office Tech
Kimberly Banks-Little – Office Technician

Walk in to the office and Kimberly is there to help you with all official school questions. Often your child’s first point of call with a scraped knee or elbow, Kimberly’s care and concern is immediately apparent.  Let Kimberly know if any of your contact details change as soon as possible.

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Deborah Jacobwitz – School Psychologist

We are very fortunate to have such a talented and experienced school psychologist for 2 days a week.  Should you wish to meet with the school psychologist please make an appointment via the office.

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Cara Tambellini – Speech Therapist

Available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.


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Maryann Morales – Physical Therapist

Available on Mondays.

Carrie Lonis - Inclusion Facilitator
Carrie Lonis – Inclusion Facilitator
mrdane copy
Dane Calcote – LAUSD Crossing Guard & Lunch Time Music Club Host.

Our musical crossing guard! We pass him everyday on the way to and from school. He cheers us all up on our way to and from school with the tunes from his music box – read all about Mr Dane, follow this link

Annette Dominguez, Cafeteria Supervisor
Annette Dominguez – Satellite Cafeteria Manager

Annette knows the menus inside out and what your child likes and dislikes. Conqueror of new systems, charmer of kids, Annette is a caring and watchful eye over our children.  Please top up your child’s account regularly with Annette.

Denise Allison, Cafeteria Assistant
Denise Allison – Satelite Cafeteria Aide

Denise is a delight in the kitchen, and Annette’s right hand. Together they cook up LAUSD’s healthier menus for our kids and get them fed quickly so that there is still time to play.

Dawn Miller
Dawn Miller – Site Manager

What would we do without Mrs Miller?! Constantly surrounded by happy children, she tirelessly ensures we have a tidy and clean campus daily.

Jenifer Rhodes – Building and Grounds Worker

We welcome Jenifer to MCES in August 2014. We don’t get to see enough of this lady as she arrives after the majority of us leave the campus. She’s here from 1 pm to 9.30 pm daily. Her role is essential and her care of the job, a blessing.