Friday, July 25th, 2014

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Governing Board Representatives

The Marquez Governing Board is responsible for making administrative, curriculum related, budgetary and other policy decisions for Marquez.

It consists of the Principal, six teachers, one classified representative and four parents/guardians of students attending the Marquez Charter Elementary School.

Representatives are elected by their respective constituency. The Governing Board generally meets on the third Thursday of each month while school is in session at 2:00 p.m. in the school media centre and the public is welcome and encouraged to observe it as it deliberates and generates decisions concerning agenda items. It operates pursuant to its Bylaws, and the Minutes of its regular and special meetings are available to the public.

All parents are welcome to attend the Governing Board Meetings.  Please read the minutes of regular and special meetings here.

All parents are invited to join the sub committees. Each committee must have one parent member.

Principal Emily Williams

Special Education Teacher Representative:
Maria Mealy

Teacher Representatives (2012-2103):
K – Alexys Buckner (non voting)
2nd Grade – Wendy Connor
3rd Grade – Laurie Farrell
4th Grade – Peggy Palo

Parent Representatives (2013-2014):
Danielle Samulon term exp. 2015
Douglas Meyer term exp. 2014
Erica Linnick term exp. 2014
Pam Lighaam term exp. 2015

Parents are invited to self nominate for election to the board.  The election is usually held at open house evening towards the end of the school year.  Please consider nominating yourself.