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Newsletter for the Week of October 10

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Get ready for the return of the Marquez Ghosts and Witches because they’ll soon be here! Sunday October 30th from 10-3 is our annual Halloween Festival with games, prizes, inflatables, delicious food, a very special Cake Walk and our own Haunted House (not for the faint of heart).

There are many ways to be involved – Bake a Cake for the Cake Walk (there’s a prize for the class that donates the most cakes!) or some treats for the Bake Sale, volunteer in your class booth or just come and enjoy the spooky fun!

Sponsorship opportunities are still available and we’ll also have Ticket Pre-Sales again this year. For every 5 $1 tickets you buy you get one extra!

All forms, as well as some very special limited edition Festival merchandise, are available on-line at

See you there… if you dare! Kurt & Lory Bierschenk, Ruth Atkinson

The Library

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Friends of Marquez for keeping the school library open while the district approves the new bargaining agreement with library aides.  Please extend a warm welcome to Penny Watkins, our new library aide who will be managing our school library and providing enrichment to our students.  Ms. Watkins comes to us having served more than 18 years in library services.  Ms. Watkins began her career as a committed volunteer, organizing the library and providing students access to great enjoyment of the written word in great books and other resources.  When not at work, Ms. Watkins enjoys spending time with her family and reading to her grandchild.

Visitor’s Policy

We’ve updated our visitor’s policy.  All visitors and volunteers coming on campus must come into the office first, sign the visitors log and wear a bright yellow visitor’s badge while on campus.  This visitor’s policy helps to ensure that Marquez is a safe and secure learning environment.  By signing in and wearing the visitors badge all faculty, staff and students are able to identify who is on campus, and their purpose.


In an interview, Mother Theresa was asked how she accomplished so much in her busy life.  Her answer was ROUTINES. She said having a routine helped her manage her time well.  As we approach the fifth week of school, most students have adapted to their back to school routine and are managing their time pretty well.  To help your child become more successful in managing their time, make sure your child knows about any changes in his/her daily routine or changes in the daily schedule BEFORE coming to school.  For example, a change in carpool pick up.  After discussing the change in the schedule the night before and the morning of,  perhaps include a note in your child’s lunch or backpack reminding your child about the change in carpool pick up.  Discussing the change and providing a written reminder helps your child remember.  This also helps to reduce the number of non-emergency calls the office receives on a daily basis.

To keep disruptions of learning to a minimum, please deliver late or forgotten lunches to the office and our wonderful office staff will make sure your child is contacted.

Please check the homework schedule and due dates in advance to help your child manage his/her time and become a responsible and organized student and turn assignments in on time.

Character Counts!

October 12 marks the beginning of our Character Counts week and our celebration of the six pillars of character; Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship, which together equal the acronym TRRFCC.  From October 12-October 19, each member of the Marquez learning community will wear the colors symbolizing each pillar of character. The schedule is as follows:
October 12-Trustworthiness (blue)
October 13-Respect (yellow)
October 14-Responsibility (green)
October 17-Fairness (orange)
October 18-Caring (red)
October 19-Citizenship (purple).

As a visual reminder of the importance of being a person of character and a learning tool, I am creating a photo display of  “Character at Work”  on the bulletin boards on the auditorium wall in the lunch area.  Please join us in celebrating the 6 pillars of character by emailing me pictures of your family displaying “Character at Work.”

Coffee with the Principal

Thank you to the parents who came to our first “Coffee with the Principal,”  Thursday, October 6.  The purpose of the hour is to get to know each other, reflect and begin the process of crafting our goals and vision for Marquez in an informal setting.  Approximately 30 parents were in attendance and 16 parents joined us live off campus via Ustream thanks to Jason DuBois!  For our November meeting we will work on improving the technical issues in streaming live and interacting with the cyber audience.  I’m proud we took a first step in using technology to bring us together.

In this first meeting we set a few topics to be discussed in future meetings.  We also collectively adopted a motto:  If someone presents a problem, instead of simply complaining, offer a solution in which parents can be involved rather than passively complaining.  The group is committed to keeping the focus and the purpose of our meeting on the numerous positive components that make Marquez a school of excellence.  I will continue to ask the question, ‘Why is Marquez your school of choice?”  Your feedback about this question in particular sets the tone and the direction for our work together in maintaining and improving our commitment to best practices and providing the best educational experiences to our children.  No need to wait for our next meeting to answer the question.  Please feel free to email me your thoughts about what makes Marquez your school of choice.  Please write “school choice” in the subject line.

A special thank you goes to the parents who helped to clean up after the meeting.  Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, Thursday, November 3rd at 8:30-9:30 a.m.  Detailed information about the topic and agenda will be forthcoming.

As always, feel free to email me with your thoughts, concerns and happy notes.  I appreciate hearing from each of you.


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